-M. C. in New York, NY | Sep 09, 2016- review from Healthgrades

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Barrett. I find her to be a consummate professional, affable and approachable, and in my experience takes whatever time is necessary to answer medical questions and concerns. I find her strongest attribute is that she hears and LISTENS and, as a result, exemplifies the perfect balance between medical advice/practice and bedside manner, without condescension. Dr. Barrett has improved my life tremendously, and for that I am continually grateful.

W.L. in NY, NY| Aug. 27, 2016- review from Yelp

Wonderful! Cannot say enough good things about Dr. Guarino. I was in a lot of pain due to a corn between my toes. I did not know what it was and booked an appointment with my dermatologist. When I got to my dermatologist she said I needed to find a podiatrist. It's very difficult to find a good podiatrist. She said she had a friend who was a podiatrist and she would call him and see if he could fit me in. He fit me in immediately and I went straight from my dermatologist to Dr Guarino's office. His office is extremely clean. He always puts antibiotic ointment on my feet as a precautionary measure (most podiatrists don't do that). He's very personable as well. I saw a different podiatrist once that was more convenient to my apartment and after that experience I will only go to Dr. Guarino. Highly highly recommend!!!!

B.L. in NY,NY |3/23/2016- review from Yelp

Thank you Dr. Guarino for making such a difference in my life...

I came in for one thing and you helped me get rid of that...
now (because I am a runner)... I have another issue which you
helped me with and now it is gone...
This is a professional, compassionate office...

R.N. South Richmond Hill, NY | 7/23/2015 –review from Yelp

I went to the Doctors office with very little hope he could help me, why? because I have had an arthritic ridden ankle for almost 20 years that started with a very slight, minor limp. Each year in minor increments it has become worse until a year ago when all of a sudden it got so bad I had to use a cane. I have seen several doctors over the years and all they did was write pain killers.or refer me to another doctor/ orthopedist/ neurologist/ etc.

Then I met Dr. Guarino and immediately on the first visit I felt he cared, that he was more interested in finding a solution, not just in paying lip service to get me out of the office for the next visit.
First off I have been there three times, the staff are excellent, professional, eager to help (my previous doctor never faxed them the referral, so Doctor Guarino's staff took care of it for me so I could keep my appt.) and I have never waited to see the doctor. for more than 15 minutes.
Dr. Guarino took his time to explain my problem, took an xray and showed it to me, explaining what his treatment would be. No painkillers to mask the problem. Dr. Guarino helped me to rebuild the ankle with orthopedics He fitted me for inserts and a custom boot.
So far it has been three weeks I have been wearing these items and the difference is unbelievable. Goodbye cane! I am walking now with a minor limp, like the doctor turned the clock back twenty years.
Thank you Dr. Guarino..

C.C. Brooklyn, NY | 9/02/2014- review from Yelp

My whole foot surgery experience with Dr. Barrett and the surgical was about as good as it could possibly get. If I had to go through this again I would hope for the same experience. Highly recommend.

L.D. Astoria, NY | 2/13/2012

I've had nothing but good experiences with Dr. Guarino. I've never had to wait long to see him, and he has always been helpful and courteous. I had to have an x-ray done, and they did it on the spot, within 5 minutes. Would recommend!

S.C.| 6/08/2010 – review from ZocDoc

Overall great experience. Dr. Guarino and his team put me at ease from the outset and he resolved the problem immediately and painlessly. Very impressive!

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